Meaning of Chutzpah – Nigerian Scammers

Interesting how life often butts heads with you then throws more stuff at you when you least expect it. Seems there’s always something coming at us out of nowhere for us to deal with, sometimes in a cascade of experiences where things hit – one after another after another and before you know it you’re inundated and overwhelmed.

Ever happen to you? Well it seems that’s how it rolls.

When it happens to me I often think of several bible verses that add to my calm and bring peace. One of those phrases is “This too shall pass”. Another one is “If a man causes you to walk one mile with him, walk with him two.”

This phrase has hit me twice in the last few years as particularly difficult to endure. I’ve never had experience with Nigerians before but in this short period of time I’ve gotten to know a few and find them not only bright bordering on downright brilliant, but the sweetest people you could meet. I’m talking guys here but I’m sure the women are just as malleable.

It seems the young men of Nigeria have no work or prospects of working so they – being the downright brilliant beings they are – have come up with dubious ways to earn a living for themselves and their families. Being in a world of opposites, these guys have figured out how to scam for their livelihood – and they’re extremely good at it. So good in fact, that the world is standing at attention and it’s listening.

But what I’m hearing from people is that these young brilliant men should be shot or thrown in jail and left to die along with many other epithets and mean-spirited comments.

I disagree. If people here in America had to watch their loved ones starve due to lack of opportunities to feed our families, would we be so callus and disinterested in helping people? Think Capitalism here – the ones with enough money to start huge corporations that put people to work. This is what America is about and it works for both rich and poor alike. So next time you want to put down rich people – think what would happen without them. I happen to believe in Free Enterprise – the ability to start and run your own business. Thank heaven we have the resources and the help to build small businesses in this Country. People in African nations are given a hard time when they try to work or get licenses to work. We here in Western nations get all the help we need when it comes to jobs. Not so in these 3rd world countries.

I tend to think the Nigerians have what the Jewish call Chutzpah. They’ve got balls. In fact, one definition online that I found is exactly the word for those audacious Nigerians. Defining Chutzpah: Chutzpah is a Hebrew word that has been adopted into Yiddish and then English. Chutzpah has been defined as audacity, insolence, impudence, gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible guts, presumption and arrogance. Yet something essential about chutzpah is missing from all these words.

Chutzpah can be destructive and ugly or vital and fantastic, but never in-between. So, to be a good Jew, you need two opposites: A sense of shame that prevents you from acting with chutzpah to do the wrong thing, and a sense of chutzpah that prevents you from being ashamed to do the right thing. Tzvi Freeman (

I believe the Nigerians are full of Chutzpah. They’re not sitting this one out like their ancestors did. They’re not going to be poor and not let the world know that they’re more than a bit disgruntled about it. They’re not happy about their situation and they are going to let people know about their plight. Not only know about it, but they’re fixing it. And without the help of their government – who I believe is responsible for it. And they’re tired of being poor and watching their families starve. They themselves may starve but be damned if their families will. Thank Western Television that shows the world how to live – although in twisted versions of ourselves such as reality TV shows like the Beverly Hills Housewives – poor countries want all that glamour and glitz and are doing anything to have it.

So the Nigerians with Chutzpah began to scam as their option to poverty. Do they like it? I don’t believe they do. At least the ones I’ve spoken to don’t like what happens to good people and they often apologize for the inconveniences they put upon us. Some have gotten so used to hurting people over the years that they’ve become ruthless and cold inside. They don’t like that either. These are gentle people who are sensitive and very kind. Do they like to hurt you? Absolutely not. Do they like what they do? Absolutely not. Do they want to go hungry and not provide for their families? Absolutely not. So they gather their Chutzpah and they continue to do what they do.

If you want to ask who is at fault for all of this? Look into what makes Nigeria not work. Look at what is needed in this country such as industry, resources, education. Figure why exactly is Nigeria so poor and ask what can be done about it? The people of Nigeria are crying out and these guys are being heard. And they don’t care if you don’t like it.

I applaud them for their ruthlessness and their resourcefulness and their audacity – their Chutzpah. I just wish I knew of a way to help them live well without having to break laws to do so. Nothing less than total mind change is warranted here. A raising of consciousness.  And these guys are leading the way.  They want what everyone else has and they’ll not be left out. The world is smaller with the internet and the Nigerians want to live and live well.

I have one idea, however I’d like to hear more. I’m going to put it on and see what comes of it.

Are Our Prayers Heard and Answered?

This article is actually an embellished version of the one in my book, Warrior Spirit Path of Medicine (Balboa Press).
If you wonder, if you don’t know, if you just don’t get that prayers DO get answered, then this is for you.
Every work day I would drive my young daughter 10 miles to a sitter or rather an older, loving couple, which is what I liked about them.

Pam & Larry were very much in love and had been for many years. Larry adored Pam and that fact was written on his face, in his voice, and in his eyes every time he looked at her. She felt the same for him and did all she could to make him happy. It was just her way and why I loved my daughter being with her. It’s what I wanted to give my baby girl but couldn’t because I had to work. My girl was happy there and that’s all that mattered.
But things change and after awhile I had to take her from there and place her elsewhere. We both had a hard time with that but there was nothing to be done.
A few years later I heard that Larry had passed. I tried to get hold of Pam but she was nowhere to be found. Their home had been sold and she had moved out of state and I didn’t know where.
A while after that, perhaps two years later, Larry came to me in a vision. I was asleep when just his face appeared to me out of a completely black background. He said, and I quote, “Tell Pammy it’s alright if she remarries.” Then he was gone and the force of his leaving brought me straight up off the bed.
I waited for two years to find Pam. I so wanted to give her Larry’s message and knew she needed to hear what he had to say but I couldn’t find her. Then, one evening I was doing an event at a friend’s house and a woman asked me if I was the woman who had the child her mother had watched for a while. I asked her what she was talking about and she said, “I believe my mother watched your child while you were working.” I was so excited and asked her if she was Pam’s daughter and she said she was. Pam had talked of her but we had never met.
I asked if her mom was okay and she said yes and was living in Florida. Then she gave me her phone number. I couldn’t wait to get home and even though it was about 10:00 at night I called Pam. When she picked up it was like we had never been apart for so long. We talked about everything and we both cried, so happy we were to have reconnected.
Then, when all was said, I took a deep breath and told her about Larry and the message he had for her.
She started to cry and said, “You have no idea. Everyday I’ve prayed and asked Larry if it would be okay for me to remarry. I live with a man who has asked me to marry him but I wouldn’t until I knew it was okay with Larry. This man has been so patient with me!”
I said, “well now you have your answer and can marry this man. But I just want to know why it took two years to find you to give you Larry’s message.” And she said something that made me understand that not only are our prayers answered – but the message is either delayed or not given until we are ready for the results. Pam said, “Because two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to hear it.”
Pam did marry the man with Larry’s blessing. End of story.


Peace is already within us

Meditation heals. A few years ago I had a bad situation and managed to hold it together until it was over for me.  I could have fallen apart but I decided to meditate on it when I felt panic approaching.  I’d sit and go into my meditative state and feel the place that I go into click.  That’s all it takes for me to achieve peace within.  I’ve been meditating for over 30 years so whenever I decide I need to meditate which is daily, actually, I find my peace within a very short time.

Peace is within us.  My daughter knows how quickly I can achieve a meditative state.  She was with me and her friend at a New Kids on the Block concert.  Thousands of people and she looks at me and I’m in a meditative state with fireworks going off and music so loud.  I hear her tell her friend that “my mom’s asleep at a NKB concert!!!”  Actually, I was in meditation.  The noise was way too much for me and I needed to find peace within.  I can’t remember who said it but it was along the lines of  – “You should be able to meditate anywhere. After all – who’s doing the meditating? You or the room?”

I’ve been able to meditate on the back of a motorcycle, at concerts, in airports, anywhere I feel I need to establish peace within.  It shouldn’t be difficult at all.  I always know when I find that peace because there’s this shift that is very pronounced and suddenly there’s automatic peace within.

When I hear people say they can’t meditate I want to encourage them that it’s very easy and anyone can learn how to do it.  It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.  Give it a try and don’t ever think you can’t do it.  Just do a little daily until you feel your breath slow down along with your heartbeat.  Breathe and relax.  Breathe and relax.  Then breathe and relax some more. Just be with your breathing.  Focus only on your breathing.  Don’t worry about the mind because it will take care of itself.  Become like the eagle and watch your thoughts but don’t engage.  Drop all judgment and just be. Focus on your breathing and wait for the shift to happen.  Practice daily.

All the best to you.

Emotional Healing Work

Grandmother brought up a good point in one of her teachings. Feelings are different than emotions.  You can hide your feelings because they are superficial and can be hidden away.  Feelings are something you can gloss over and laugh about. You can have a feeling without a reaction to it.

Emotions, on the other hand, run strong and deep and you can’t run from them. Emotions arise out of a strong reaction to something you’ve experienced such as a let down or trauma or extreme joy such as a proposal or life changing event. It evokes joy, tears, anger, an outburst of some kind.

It’s almost impossible for anyone not to show their emotions to a life changing event.

In our society, we aren’t taught how to handle our emotions.  There’s no place to go to strongly emote anger or frustration.  We’re expected to hold it all in.

So one day when a woman walked into my office and told me I had to help her because she didn’t want to end up in a hospital for mental patients because she was losing it I was immediately challenged.  I had to come up with something fast.  This person was totally overwhelmed and asking for immediate help with her emotional state of being.

So, okay. I had to pull a rabbit out of my hat on a moments notice. I opted to take her on an inner journey so she could address whatever demons were making her distraught.  No one goes through those kinds of emotional ups and downs without demons.  We pick them buggers up from various places.  Drinking opens portals for them to come through.  It could be a glass of wine or a binge drinking episode. Doesn’t matter.  Alcohol opens the aura’s protection grid.  So do drugs.  They don’t call them “spirits” for nothing.

Session begun.  Patient comfortable and ready.  The journey begins. Throughout the walk down into subconsciousness it is evident she is comfortable with the process.  I walk her through where she needs to be to address what’s bothering her.  She stays there and her breathing settles and evens out.  Her body language changes from fraught and overwhelmed to calm and in control.  She’s dealing with whatever had surfaced and is ready to come back to consciousness.

Sometimes we just need a little help.

When the patient is conscious once again and able to talk about her experience she is calmer. She knows she’s in control and she’s fine. She can talk about what she saw and how she handled it if she so desires. It’s up to her. She tells me of her experience and I’m honored she felt she could share.

The purpose of an inner journey is to empower you in whatever way you need to feel empowered.  It is not my empowerment – nor is it about anyone but you.  It is whatever you need in whatever moment you’re in.

We need to find ways to handle our emotions. An inner journey is one way.  It works and it should be considered as an option when you are feeling out of control.

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Quantum Physics & Intelligence of the Cells

I have always loved research. My research has covered religions of the world and spiritual studies and health as it relates to body, mind, emotions and spirit. We’re not just a physical body. We’re multi-dimensional and every cell that makes up our being is an intelligence in and of itself.
I am an educator. My passion for life and living and loving has brought me to this place in my life where teaching is such a joy and pleasure that I know I’ll never retire. To my last breath I’ll share what I love and live each moment doing what I’ve always done. Research and educate.
My medium for money is the healing arts. Under that umbrella there are many facets and having apprenticed with a Cherokee medicine woman for over 25 years, one of those facets of healing is the work of a shaman. Now I’m not saying I am a shaman because it goes against the teachings to do so. But I can tell you that in traveling the worlds you begin to get an understanding of what a shaman does, and also what quantum means and as understanding develops into wisdom you become simply aware. Aware of the many levels of worlds and dimensions that we all live in. Many of us go throughout life being totally unaware of anything beyond these 3 dimensions so it may come as a shock, or at least a surprise, that there are people who travel the dimensions for various reasons.
My reasons are to find out what is behind the obvious. As a researcher, it is my passion to understand things beneath the surface, if at all possible. In some of the work that has crossed my path I have discovered things like muscle has different textures. The heart feels very different from other types of muscle. Bone feels like fine but sharp silica. The aura feels like watery silk. At various times I have helped put these all back together so a person could heal. Grandmother always said that every single cell in the body is an intelligence. I get that. While looking at the size of a hole in a child’s spine at the L-3 level which weakened her legs, I saw it as the size of a beach ball but it was actually a pin sized hole that leaked energy. For that reason I understood that I was only the size of one cell and I was pure intelligence as I understood how to stop the leak.
Quantum physics wasn’t difficult for our ancestors to understand even though they didn’t have colleges back then to teach them. They simply did what came natural to them and jumped into the void and trusted that what they found wasn’t a figment of imagination. Many actually found ways to bring things back with them.
Journeying is recognition of Quantum levels of existence that we have the ability to access. But be aware there are rules and make sure you follow them. Be aware there are dangers and don’t try to go alone. Always have back-up. If you don’t know…ask. Take nothing for granted. Life is a journey that is always more enjoyable when you know and follow the rules of safety.
It was the ancient people who walked this earth and leaped into the void from caves and dwellings made of thatch. These were the ones who traversed the universes and the galaxies and brought back what they learned. Without ever leaving our Earth they traveled and saw all there was to see. Even into the body. Every single body holds all the Universes and all the Galaxies within it. Remember the cells intelligence? One cell. One cell holds all the intelligence of all that exists. And it feels and it moves and it thinks and it is pure intelligence and every cell connects to all the stars in our Galaxy like the webbing of a spider. Spider-mother weaved the worlds.
It doesn’t take long to traverse the galaxies when one knows how to quantum leap into them. Light years don’t mean a thing. There is always talk about wanting to travel into space to visit other planets but people don’t yet get the concept of getting along on this one. I don’t mean just with each other. I mean respect for all of the life here on this planet. Each insect from the tiniest to the biggest is an intelligence unto itself. Do we treat it as such? Each flower, blade of grass, leaf on a tree is another kind of intelligence. Grandmother said that even the fruit screams when it is picked from it’s source. And everything speaks to us if we know how to listen. But that’s another story.




Effects of Poisoning the Land with Pesticides

A few years ago my husband called a pesticide company to come out and spray for termites. They were attacking our home and he said that when the contractor sprayed the house the termites came raining down. I wasn’t there at the time.
I arrived shortly after he sprayed the house and saw him spraying one of the outbuildings. The pesticide he was spraying came down in torrents – like rain. I had a bad feeling.
I love nature’s night sounds. They sound like rattles rattling only very loud and I close my eyes and let the sounds carry me as though I’m floating on a river of sound. I journey on night sounds because it’s the music of the soul and carries me into the dream-time and portals that connect the worlds together. I’m comforted by the music of the night creatures.
So one night, as I lay in bed listening and journeying I fell asleep. About midnight something woke me and I realized it was the sound of complete silence. I panicked and rose out of bed and looked out the window to see something, anything that would be responsible for silencing all of nature. I saw nothing but the light of the moon shadows. I was afraid.
I love the country. Ponds are everywhere in my county. Ponds were the reason I moved to this place. They’re everywhere and almost everyone has a pond on their acreage. I love water. It is my element. Water is life and where there is water, life abounds. I love watching the Great Blue Heron feed on fish, the snapping turtle make it’s way from the pond in the back to the pond in the front with slow, steady progress. The frogs are my favorite. The frogs in the back pond croak and suddenly stop and you’ll listen and hear the frogs in the front pond answering. I often would find frogs in my pool and have to rescue them before we turned on the filter or they’d get caught in it and die.
Now the voices of the frogs could only be heard in the far distance. All of the night sounds moved away and I was devastated. The silence was the loudest thing to be heard at night. It was too much.
When I journeyed into the kingdom of the frog people all of their backs were turned toward me. This was very bad.
Nature stayed silent for four years. I agonized over every season that I had to listen to the silence and hated every minute of it. At the fourth season I said, “No More.” I would journey into the kingdom of the frog people and beg them to return. So that night I asked for guidance and took with me my best companion and we journeyed into the other world to meet with the Frog King. Once again I was met with the backs of the frogs turned toward me. I spoke anyway and told them all how sorry I was that their world had been filled with poison and they had not been respected. I kept talking about how life was not the same since they had gone and that no matter what – pesticides would never be used again as long as I lived upon the land.
Slowly the frogs began to turn toward me and before I could speak another word they were all over me and at my feet all around. I was very glad that my words had touched them and I promised I would keep my word.
That summer the frogs returned to my home and brought back with them the night creatures and their music and I was delighted and relieved to hear their voices once again.