Peace is already within us

Meditation heals. A few years ago I had a bad situation and managed to hold it together until it was over for me.  I could have fallen apart but I decided to meditate on it when I felt panic approaching.  I’d sit and go into my meditative state and feel the place that I go into click.  That’s all it takes for me to achieve peace within.  I’ve been meditating for over 30 years so whenever I decide I need to meditate which is daily, actually, I find my peace within a very short time.

Peace is within us.  My daughter knows how quickly I can achieve a meditative state.  She was with me and her friend at a New Kids on the Block concert.  Thousands of people and she looks at me and I’m in a meditative state with fireworks going off and music so loud.  I hear her tell her friend that “my mom’s asleep at a NKB concert!!!”  Actually, I was in meditation.  The noise was way too much for me and I needed to find peace within.  I can’t remember who said it but it was along the lines of  – “You should be able to meditate anywhere. After all – who’s doing the meditating? You or the room?”

I’ve been able to meditate on the back of a motorcycle, at concerts, in airports, anywhere I feel I need to establish peace within.  It shouldn’t be difficult at all.  I always know when I find that peace because there’s this shift that is very pronounced and suddenly there’s automatic peace within.

When I hear people say they can’t meditate I want to encourage them that it’s very easy and anyone can learn how to do it.  It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.  Give it a try and don’t ever think you can’t do it.  Just do a little daily until you feel your breath slow down along with your heartbeat.  Breathe and relax.  Breathe and relax.  Then breathe and relax some more. Just be with your breathing.  Focus only on your breathing.  Don’t worry about the mind because it will take care of itself.  Become like the eagle and watch your thoughts but don’t engage.  Drop all judgment and just be. Focus on your breathing and wait for the shift to happen.  Practice daily.

All the best to you.

Emotional Healing Work

Grandmother brought up a good point in one of her teachings. Feelings are different than emotions.  You can hide your feelings because they are superficial and can be hidden away.  Feelings are something you can gloss over and laugh about. You can have a feeling without a reaction to it.

Emotions, on the other hand, run strong and deep and you can’t run from them. Emotions arise out of a strong reaction to something you’ve experienced such as a let down or trauma or extreme joy such as a proposal or life changing event. It evokes joy, tears, anger, an outburst of some kind.

It’s almost impossible for anyone not to show their emotions to a life changing event.

In our society, we aren’t taught how to handle our emotions.  There’s no place to go to strongly emote anger or frustration.  We’re expected to hold it all in.

So one day when a woman walked into my office and told me I had to help her because she didn’t want to end up in a hospital for mental patients because she was losing it I was immediately challenged.  I had to come up with something fast.  This person was totally overwhelmed and asking for immediate help with her emotional state of being.

So, okay. I had to pull a rabbit out of my hat on a moments notice. I opted to take her on an inner journey so she could address whatever demons were making her distraught.  No one goes through those kinds of emotional ups and downs without demons.  We pick them buggers up from various places.  Drinking opens portals for them to come through.  It could be a glass of wine or a binge drinking episode. Doesn’t matter.  Alcohol opens the aura’s protection grid.  So do drugs.  They don’t call them “spirits” for nothing.

Session begun.  Patient comfortable and ready.  The journey begins. Throughout the walk down into subconsciousness it is evident she is comfortable with the process.  I walk her through where she needs to be to address what’s bothering her.  She stays there and her breathing settles and evens out.  Her body language changes from fraught and overwhelmed to calm and in control.  She’s dealing with whatever had surfaced and is ready to come back to consciousness.

Sometimes we just need a little help.

When the patient is conscious once again and able to talk about her experience she is calmer. She knows she’s in control and she’s fine. She can talk about what she saw and how she handled it if she so desires. It’s up to her. She tells me of her experience and I’m honored she felt she could share.

The purpose of an inner journey is to empower you in whatever way you need to feel empowered.  It is not my empowerment – nor is it about anyone but you.  It is whatever you need in whatever moment you’re in.

We need to find ways to handle our emotions. An inner journey is one way.  It works and it should be considered as an option when you are feeling out of control.

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Do you need a holistic health coach?

My mother was this beautiful vibrant organized being who loved all of us equally. All seven of her children. And I say “organized” because with seven children she had food on the table 3 times a day and as one of my beloved Aunts said of her, “you could eat off her floors!” And you probably could because she engaged all seven of us in her housekeeping. We all had jobs growing up!

From what I recall, I was about 15 when mom was told she had cancer. All of us watched as it slowly ate her up. I was designated to care for her and had to take a leave of absence from my job when I was 19. How she suffered.

It was about 40 years later that I found out there was something on the natural health market that had been healing cancer when my mother was still alive. The product had been around awhile but when the makers wanted it tested and put on the open market they were refused. Eventually it was tested under another name not previously recognized and found to work. It is still on the market today. How many of you have heard of Protocel?

Another natural cancer product that raises the acidity of the body into the alkaline range is known as Paw Paw Cell Reg. Have you heard of it?

And another that is reversing cancer is known as Sodium Chlorite. Have you heard of it?

How about GcMaf? This is the one that is causing many holistic doctors who used it to die. Yes. There are almost 100 doctors dead in the last 2 years because of this one.

My mother’s death infuriated me. I knew there had to be a better way to heal and so by the age of 20 I was looking into natural ways to heal. And I have spent my whole life dedicated to healing naturally. Oh, there were a few times I had to go to M.D.’s. But I’ve successfully healed 98% of what was wrong with me in all of my 67 years. I even wrote a book about my journey titled Warrior Spirit Path of Medicine (Balboa Press) and and

My life pattern, my message, is to help you understand why you’re sick and what you can do about it. Sometimes it’s just a bit of detoxing, other times it’s going to take you into what is known as a healing crisis. But it is possible to feel like you felt when you had no aches, no pains, because if you were born healthy the body has a memory of that and will take you back to that place. All it has to do is remember. I know because my body was wracked with pain in my 40’s and early 50’s and today I have no pain at all. I don’t take any medications. I helped my body to remember what it felt like to live without pain and discomfort and I can help your body do the same. All it requires is some time and a little effort and will power and you can live the life you were always meant to live.

I realize not everyone can heal or wants to heal. People will think I’m nuts in saying that the body can heal from Lupus, prostate cancer, MS, most cancers, and most diseases. Yes, the medical professionals are wonderful at healing acute crisis such as accidents and trauma, however it’s the chronic illnesses they haven’t done as well with. I give the medical profession a lot of credit but they are governed by Big Pharma. Wellness is not a high priority with them.

I am a natural health specialist. I’ve been doing this for about 20 years now and I used to just listen to people who wanted to get well and give them the information but they had difficulty following through. Well today that’s changed.

I will take your hand and walk you on your journey back to health. I will help you through your emotional tirades and ups and downs, your spiritual connections, I won’t let you mess with your mind, and I will walk you through the healing of your physical body. All you have to do is want to heal and make the commitment to it.

As a holistic health coach  I have personally healed all of the above and know how to walk you through it. All you have to do is make the commitment to do the work involved. I am also available to speak to large and small groups and organizations, along with individual coaching. If any of these interest you please contact me at / or call 330.242.2560.