I’m Older But Am I Wiser?

Well here I am in the Early Winter of my life and I still do stupid stuff. I don’t think it ever ends.

Like the other day I’m driving and my grandson’s in the car and my daughter gives me the directions to her work and there’s construction everywhere and I end up getting lost.  No big.  I’ve been lost before.

But I’m on this timeline because she’s got to get him out of my car and into hers and the doctors office where she goes has this thing where if you’re 15 minutes late you have to forfeit your appointment.

And she’s still 20 minutes away.  So now it’s a half hour away from her appointment time and I’m on the phone with her and someone else is giving me directions over the phone.  I’m actually going in the right direction but they tell me to turn around and go in the other direction and I do and then they tell me that – no! I have to go back in the other direction and that’s when I say, “I’M GOING TO KILL SOMEONE!” Because you see I forgot my little guy is in the back seat.

So before we get to his mother I’m able to calm down and have totally forgotten what I said until this little voice in the back seat says, “Gramma, why did you say you’re going to kill someone?”

Well now how do I explain that one without giving him an excuse to say the same thing when he’s all frustrated?!

I should know better.  I’m gramma!  I’m older and I should be a whole lot wiser.

I Want Out of Your Box

I’ve been in your box and I want out.  You keep me there with your expectations and your perceptions of me.  It’s not fair and I want out.  No matter what you think of me, I am so much more.  You think you know me so well.  You don’t and you never will.  You don’t know my dreams and aspirations.  I don’t tell you everything because you couldn’t handle what’s inside of me.  You wouldn’t be able to perceive a box as big as my dreams and my aspirations.  You would be drawn out of your own box – you know – the one you keep yourself in.  It’s comfortable there and so you stay because it’s uncomfortable to venture outside of that box.  It’s uncomfortable and scary and maybe a little dangerous.  Yet you’re missing out on so much by keeping yourself in your little box.

I know you think I’m safe to be around but you have no idea of the places I’ve ventured and the people I’ve met by venturing outside of your box.  That box you keep me locked in.  I don’t really live there – I just let you think I do.  I like you and don’t want to lose your place in my life and so I let you stay.  Don’t worry. I won’t scare you out of your own box.  I would never want you to stay in a box so I encourage you to be who you want to be and explore all of what life has to offer.

This life is so BIG! It’s so much more than most people can imagine if they would let their imaginations run wild.

I’m older now.  I’ve been in many people’s boxes and had to get out.  I won’t be in anyone’s box ever again.  Let them think as they may.  This is MY life.

I had a dream that a seal grew out of my chest.  It looked like a flower. Something like a flower.  Maybe not quite a flower.  More like a seal of some sort.  It was very real. But what does it mean?

I’m not sure. Do I really care?  Does it make me different in some way? When I’m supposed to have the answer then it will come and I will know what it means.  For now I’m content and don’t really have to know.  That’s the Beauty of Aging. Life doesn’t have to mean anything. That I’m alive means more than having to know why I’m alive.

For now I’m not in anyone’s box – not even in my own.  I have fun with my work and my family.  My life is full of joy and laughter.  Climb out of your box and see what I mean. Find your own joy.


First blog post

Welcome to my new blog about the Beauty of Aging.  There’s going to be some fun, maybe some laughs, even some serious stuff. But it’s all about life and enjoying the process of aging. There will be tips on all kinds of ways to live a pain-free, healthy life –  beauty tips and exercise and foods and how they fit into a healthy lifestyle that you can practice easily – with little effort.  Detoxing the body as we age ensures joints and muscles work without discomfort.  Hair and skin shine and don’t dull with age.  Knowing which supplements to take and why encourage you to be in control of outcomes and ensure our commitment to the beauty of aging.  This time of the Winter of our Lives can be lived with love, adventure, boundless energy and freedom from discomfort and pain.  Holistic is the way.  Glad you’re here. Much more to come!