Vision Quest

Out somewhere on 82 acres of land in the middle of nowhere called southern Ohio about 40 of us were on a vision quest. That’s where you participate in a lone camping excursion with or without a tent, no food, just water and not much of that. You opt to do this for 5 full days and 4 nights.

On this particular day I was alone as usual listening to the sounds of Nature all around and enjoying the feel of the earth as I sat naked on her cuz most often it’s too hot to wear clothes and no one’s around to see you anyway.  There’s not much to do because there’s no cell phones to talk to anyone and no books or anything to read, no TV or radio to distract you.

When I first did a VQ we were out for only one day and one night because that’s what the Medicine woman we were apprenticing with (known to us as Grandmother) did to first introduce and acclimate a bunch of city folk to the rigors of not having all of the above.  In what was to eventually become known as “The Hollywood Quest” that day long ago I had chosen my spot very near everyone else because being novices, instead of spreading out on 82 acres, we chose about 2 acres to plant our asses on because we were scared to death of being alone at night.  So after I chose my spot on that first Quest I got settled and watched as people brought their mattresses and even rocking chairs to their sites.  That was the first quest we all ever did and I’m sure Grandmother was laughing herself into tears.

We had come a long way since that first quest.  Now we were seasoned, having done a vision quest every year for the last eight years.  I loved this time out in nature alone.  Grandmother generally began a quest with a sweat lodge or, as she called them, a sacred rock lodge, where you built a dwelling – called a “Lodge” – with tarps and blankets to hold in the heat and cut a round hole in the earth in the middle of the lodge and filled it with hot rocks that are heated in the fire outside the lodge.  It can get pretty hot in there and you’re not aloud to leave once you’re in – not until it’s declared complete.  A sacred rock lodge is where the rocks do a give-away and sacrifice themselves to the fire for purification of the people in the lodge.

Now it was just a matter of going off to an already established site set up earlier to enjoy the peace and the solitude of nature and enter into what Grandmother said all the animals exist within which became known to us as the violet ray.  It’s important to see, to hear and listen to all that comes for messages, as all of the plant and insect and animal kingdoms are spirit connections and the language of nature.

So as I sat on a blanket upon the earth this early evening I was enjoying the peace and solitude when I heard an almost ethereal flute being played as though it were all around me. Stereo surround sound. My first thought: Who had brought a flute with them to their site?  Hard to tell from which direction it was coming although it sounded as though it was direction-less.  I began looking for the speaker set up but couldn’t find it. So I just listened and wondered who could play the flute so well they should be on stage at Carnegie Hall.  As I listened I also began to feel.  The flute was affecting my whole body in ways that were, shall we say, quite sensitive. Where my body connected with the earth mother there was physical sensation that was sensual and erotic, to say the least.  Bad flute! But maybe not.  What the heck – just go with it.  All the while the flute played it’s other-worldly mystical magic, my heartbeat found itself in union with the earth in erotic waves of pure pleasure.

Fast forward:  We always gather round to talk about experiences after the quest so when we were all together and all had shared some of theirs, Grandmother asked if anyone had heard the flute of Pan.  All I could think of was that the god really was a badass. He could seduce just by playing his flute! Well, like, no one could play that flute with any more finesse than the original flute player.  It never occurred to me to think of Pan being so near but he is the god of nature after all. I just thought he lived in Greece. I mean, isn’t that where he’s from?

Silly me.

Mirroring Abuse – Surviving Abusive Relationships


Life. It’s all about perception and attitude.  My attitude about a lot of things differs from others in that if something comes at you, deal with it and move on.  Much of it is karma so you’re best off if you become a “karma chameleon” and change with the colors that you’re confronted with.

I’ve been married twice.  When people ask why, instead of going into all the excuses of misery shared, I just tell them I like to change men once every 20 years or so to keep things interesting.

Wisdom comes with age and as you age you begin to realize many things about people and perceptions. I realized that I wasn’t the person that I was perceived to be. The perceptions about me didn’t match who I was so I didn’t feel I had to be directly responsible for giving in to what was expected of me by those doing the perceiving. I’m talking about living in abuse. A person’s distortions of perception manifest oftentimes as abuse. In making that break, I became the person I truly am and those people are no longer in my life. I lived for 20 years in abuse. I guess I’m an expert on it. I’d like to share just a little about how I handled it.

Throughout my fair existence on this beloved Earth I have learned how to manifest my desires and be at peace within myself. In my relationships, my marriages of which there were two, there were times when I faced violence by becoming the mirror and reflecting back what was directed toward me, successfully and peacefully. I mirrored back the pain and anger and turned it around each time. I didn’t re-Act to the person. Arguments, for me, are a waste of energy so I don’t participate. Instead I responded in a responsible way and was never harmed.

I’ll explain. My first marriage was turbulent to say the least. It started as a war zone – one trying to establish dominance when that person had no idea who he was – or that he was married to a free spirit. You can’t cage a free spirit in any way. He tried and failed miserably. I never saw that side of him til after the wedding vows. When I asked about the abrupt turn-about he said, “it’s because I’ve got you now.” Number one mistake was that he thought I would never file for divorce.  For me, courage comes from a deep resolve to not live a life you don’t choose. If a life you’re living is not one you choose to live, then change it. My idea of home was always happy and full of fun. To have it full of violence and arguments was not of my choosing. A home should be a sacred place where you feel safe and where you can retreat from what is happening on the outside.  Someone once said that courage is just the other side of fear. My fear of living in a violent home was stronger than my fear of dying. I’d rather die than live a life of fear.

I stood my ground when he threatened to hit me. He was much bigger than I was and I knew I’d never be able to beat him physically. All I had were words. So I told him if he were going to hit me that he’d better kill me, because if he didn’t I’d make him wish he had. That made him stop and think. When he stopped I used more words. I told him he liked to sleep too much and I was really good with a baseball bat. That made him think some more. Then I threatened his “stuff” like his motorcycle. I told him he wouldn’t recognize it if he let me get up after he hit me so he may as well kill me right now, this fucking minute.

I mirrored his violence back at him and he didn’t like it at all. He never did hit me. Not ever in the 20 years we were together. He used other means to try to tear me down – emotionally. It worked for awhile. He had me wondering in the beginning if it was me that was nuts. But somewhere into the early years I figured out that it wasn’t me at all. He would call me names and I even mirrored that back when I said to him, “well, if I’m all those things it sure doesn’t say much for your taste in women.” He stopped calling me names after that. Another time, after I was sick of listening to his foul language, I began talking like he talked. One day he looked at me and said, “That language sounds terrible coming from you!” I simply said, “If I have to listen to it motherfucker so do you!” After that he stopped swearing so much. I was getting pretty good at this mirroring thing. I responded without judgement toward him and I didn’t judge myself. It occurred to me that judgment is a waste of time and only weakens the spirit so why do it? Since I gave up judging myself and others life has been so much freer and better.

He walked a fine line between sanity and insanity and it wasn’t my cross to bear. I let him go early on but stayed because I never had the desire to start again. Until someone came along after awhile and showed me how good life could be.

I knew I’d never sacrifice my life or sanity to another man again. That was the gift given to me by my first marriage and I took that away with me and lived happily for awhile until my second husband did an about face when he stopped drinking. Alcohol was his curse. Or was it a lack of alcohol? I get confused. But that’s another story.






My 8 year old grandson lives with me and has since he was 2 years old which was when his daddy died. Tramadol. I hear it takes the lives of people often so be wary of it. My daughter did a sort of shut down when he died and I was going through a raging divorce that never seemed to want to end. It’s what happens when one person doesn’t respond to or hear the other person. When violence was threatened for no apparent reason after the dog chased a skunk and I closed the patio door so as not to smell the little critter he decided it was time to threaten violence if I closed the door. I knew it was time to leave.

So one month later I moved into a home where the three of us could live. I was 61 at the time and didn’t know if I could handle my 34 year old daughter from my first marriage let alone a 2 year old. It was hard. The little guy had way too much energy and he screamed when he cried. But eventually we settled in and I learned how to talk to him to settle him down. Now we have a pretty good relationship as I’m the buffer between his mother and him. On their last trip they were gone for about seven days and he was anxious to get home. His grandfather asked him why he had to get home so fast and he answered.,”I miss my grandma.”

Over the years this little guy has sometimes made me scream and more often he has made me crazy with his constant chatter. He’s generally a happy little guy and plays well by himself. I wish his mom would find someone but she’s still not ready even though it’s been seven years since her love died. I often feel like advertising for a husband for her because I see how her son needs a dad. But such things take time I guess. Still, he’s growing so fast and is definitely at the age where he needs a dad, badly.

Anyway, more often then not, he says things, like all kids do, that makes me laugh like the time he asked me if I knew when a church was a real church. I said I didn’t know what made a real church and he said, “They’re the ones with the T on top!” And the other day I told him if he was good in school that day that I would have a surprise when he came home. He said after thinking on that comment, “well, it’s pretty hard to be good in school, so how about I be good tomorrow. Can I have a surprise tomorrow?”

He went through a particularly hard time in Catholic school. The teachers had no idea what to do with him. He wasn’t bad, he was just himself. He doesn’t know how to be any other way. But that presents a challenge to people who have 40 other kids in the classroom to deal with. I totally get it. But every day one of the staff would call my daughter to let her know what he did that day to upset the cart and tensions were growing out of proportion. I mean, the kid was six years old! I’m sure the last straw was when he pulled apart a church pew. He just began kicking it and pulling at it until it was broken. After I picked him up I asked him about it. He said, “How’d you know about that?” And I said, “Word gets around.” He said he didn’t know why he did it so I asked him:
“Were you angry?”
“Were you upset about something?”
“Were you bored?”
“Were you playing around?”
Finally I said, “well, you want to tell me what the thought process was when you decided to pull apart a church pew?”
And he said, “well, it was kind of broken anyway and I just wanted to see how it was put together!”

Anyway, as I’d said before, he’s just being himself and didn’t know the trouble he was causing being his ADHD self. He has all this energy and has never been able to sit still. One story I remember was of an old Indian (Native American) grandfather who would watch his grandson get into all kinds of trouble in school and finally took him aside and told him, “There are pipe makers and there are scouts. You’re a scout!”

One day when this inquisitive boy was kicked out of school for the day because of his behavior, his mother was taking it all rather seriously and was very upset. Not at him, but because she was just at wits end about the whole situation. The constant calls from teachers had finally gotten to her. I kept telling her the boy is just six and she should relax but it was wearing her down.

The little guy was sitting at the kitchen table and I knew he was aware of how much his mom was reacting to the whole situation and he was with me for the whole day. He was very nervous and I knew I had to put things in perspective for him. So I said, “Let’s talk.” He said, “OK.” So I got a piece of paper and I drew a puzzle piece on it and told him he was the puzzle piece. I said that he shouldn’t be upset about all that was going on cuz he was just a kid and it was up to the adults to figure out where he fit in the larger puzzle.

He totally relaxed. I said that he wasn’t doing anything wrong, that he was just being himself and it was ok to be himself. We just had to figure out how to teach him and because the system he was in hadn’t changed in a very long time, it had gotten stuck in only being able to teach kids that fit into that system. He relaxed some more. I said, “Perhaps you’ll be the one to change the system.”

He said, “Can we talk like this more often?”




Ok. So I have a passion. A passion is something that grabs hold of you and never lets go. I’d lie awake at night and think of all things I’d learned the day before. I’d try to see how what I learned fit into the matrix of my life and how I could make life better because of how it fit.  Then another experience would happen and I’d lie awake working it out and how it fit. This went on for many years. Only recently have I stopped having to take things apart and make them fit. Always about health and how it relates to the holistic matrix of mind/body/spirit/emotion.

Since my mother died a painful, wasting, horrible death riddled with cancer over 45 years ago I have been on a quest to discover ways and means to overcome illness and disease.  In that time so many people have come forth with the same passion and we’re all waiting to see how it will come together with western medicine. Some MD’s have given credence to the natural ways. Some, however, try and then revert back to drugs.

We are not deficient in drugs. Because of poor soils that are deficient in minerals, the vegetables we’re eating are no longer mineral-rich. Thus, when we think we’re eating healthy, we’re actually not because the plant kingdom is as deficient in minerals as the soils they’re grown in.  One author, I believe it was Jethro Kloss (Back To Eden) said that if vegetables aren’t sweet – they’re no good – throw them away.  That’s because vegetables devoid of minerals are useless.

Stress eats up minerals.  Minerals are essential to health and good digestion.  Without minerals the body can’t make enzymes.  Without enzymes foods aren’t broken into usable fuel. Without iodine (thyroid) the body doesn’t assimilate minerals and vitamins. Minerals play such an important role in health.  Nothing functions properly in the body without vitamins and minerals.

Each of our cells relies upon us to give them the proper nutrition. That includes our thoughts – the mind has to be right or the body becomes stressed and from stress we become host to anger, depression, resentment, worry, fear, grief, jealousy, sadness.  All of these emotions affect our organs.  Fear affects the kidneys, anger affects the liver, resentment affects the gallbladder, worry affects the stomach, grief affects the lungs, sadness affects the heart.

Prolonged emotion without forgiveness develops into a cancer.  It eats away at the specific organ dominated by whatever emotion is strongly held.  To eliminate cancer it is best to work holistically.  There are breathing therapies for healing the emotions and spiritual practices to strengthen the spirit.

The right side of the body is male.  The left side is female.  If you have left sided health problems they relate directly to your mother or how you feel about women.  Same with the right side only your problems relate to male issues.  The right side of the body is ruled by the liver/gallbladder and the dominant mineral is potassium.  The left side of the body is ruled by the spleen/pancreas and the dominant mineral is sodium. Potassium and sodium are the main electrolytes that affect blood pressure.  If your minerals are low you’ll have a problem balancing your blood pressure.  Minerals play such an important part in health and doctors don’t prescribe trace minerals.  They prescribe drugs.  We’re not deficient in drugs.

I found out a long time ago what happens when the body is deficient in traces of minerals.  It blew my mind.  To this day the one thing I counsel people on is to make sure they’re taking a good trace mineral.

I have a Passion. My passion is to help people be healthy in mind, spirit, emotions and in their physical body.  This is balance.  This is MEDICINE.

I’ve spent forty years learning about the mind/body connection and how the spirit and emotions affect the physical body.  Ten years working with teachers through books, seminars, counseling with experts on the science of mind – along with following the dreams that led me to answers.  Ten more years working in the emotions the same way.  Ten more years – and more – understanding the spiritual aspect and how meditation and mantras move mountains.  Your prayers ARE heard.  Wrote about this in my book “Warrior Spirit Path of Medicine” on Balboa also on

The last twenty years have been wonderful. I’ve learned: how the physical body stores trauma and emotion (and how to release these) and interacts with the mind, emotions and spirit; how meridian pathways get blocked and how to remove the blocks in the physical body; how muscles react to lack of water and minerals and too much sugar; how to detox each organ and the protocols for detoxing and so much more.

I can teach you how to tap into your inner knowing – intuitive knowing – and light your own passion for knowing and understanding that you have the CHOICE to help yourself if you want it.  This is the biggest obstacle to working in natural medicine – helping you to understand that you have a CHOICE to help yourself.  I have spent a lifetime learning about the body holistically and how they work and fit together and that has always been my passion.  I just couldn’t let it go.

All of this has paved the way for my transitioning into speaking and teaching this work.  I’ll even move into coaching anyone who wants to learn.  I’m ready to do this.  Are you ready to learn with me?


Connections, Calendars, Calibrators

Picked up one of those ad papers in an office one day, brought it home to look through and learned about a fair that was presenting at the IX Center in Cleveland. Since I’m interested in the fairs I gave it a look through. Two whole pages of faces stared at me and I went through each to see if I knew anyone since I run in some of the circles around town.

One face literally jumped out at me. He was a teacher of the Mayan Calendar from Hawaii and his name was Chris. When I saw his face, he literally jumped out at me and I mean just that. Although I’d never seen this man before nor even heard his name, I KNEW him and I knew I was supposed to see him.

So the weekend arrived when he would be in town and I went to the IX Center and paid my admission ticket and went to find him. It wasn’t easy, the place was HUGE and filled with thousands. When I found him he was with another person and I waited patiently til they left and then I sat down across from Chris and we began our interaction. I’d studied the Mayan calendar for a brief period and loved it and wanted to see how my reading would differ from the normal reading using say Tarot or other divination.

Chris got some information from me then looked at pages in his book. He stopped and looked again and then said, “You’re SUPPOSED to be here!” I calmly said, “I know.” He looked up as though I hadn’t heard him and said once again, “No. You’re SUPPOSED to be here!”

I stood and leaned over the table and got one inch in front of his face and said, “I KNOW!” Then sat back down.

He looked stunned, sat back in his chair for a minute, then put all the books that were on the table away and reached for bigger books to put in front of him. He was an incredibly talented reader and just knew he needed more information.

He spent an hour with me, which was way more than the time I paid for. In that hour he told me something that stuck with me because it has affected my whole life and I never knew what that was until he told me. He said that I am a human “re-calibrator.” He said I bring about change wherever I go and that I could walk into a room and people would automatically dislike or hate me because people hate change. That’s my life in a nutshell. I never understood people and their reactions to me when they didn’t even know me, yet I would do just that – walk into a room and get the dirtiest looks from people I didn’t even know. I never understood it until Chris told me that people pick up my vibration instantaneously and that when they do, they hate me or have an instant dislike for me. I always looked in the mirror to see if I had a perpetual smart-assed look on my face. I didn’t think I did, so I must have looked perplexed instead.

He told me that I can see where we are and where we need to be and then go about making the change. I guess that’s what a calibrator does. Or is it a re-calibrator, to this day I don’t understand which it is.

Chris gave me a number to reach him since we hit it off really big and then he had a talk to do on the Mayan Calendar and keys which opened up the 4th and 5th dimensions. I attended the talk and loved it. Chris had keys written in a booklet that are timeless and when you meditate on the key for the day it opens up the Mayan calendar which spirals and is dimensional. He gave us one key as an example and I found myself in a portal moving at quantum speed and hung out with the stars for a bit. Whoa! What an experience! So I definitely knew the keys worked and I also knew this guy was brilliant for creating the keys.

A few months went by and I called Chris in Hawaii and we got to talking about the Mayan calendar. I told him I had cards with all the glyphs on it but one was missing and I had to make a copy. He asked which one and I told him and he said, “Isn’t that funny! I have the same set of glyphs and I have an extra of the one you are missing!”

I knew I was supposed to see him! We had a connection through the Mayan Calendar and when he spiraled into Cleveland I spiraled around to see him. Things on Earth spiral. They’re not lineal as is the Gregorian Calendar which relates to hopelessness. The Mayan calendar is in sync with how things move on Earth – in a spiral – relating to hope. If you look at the seeds of a sunflower – they spiral. The nests of birds and bees spiral, the wood of the trees when you cut them down – spiral. Fibonacci understood the spiraling of all things in nature. But that’s another story.




My Crazy Childhood

I was born the third child of seven in a middle class family. My mother got sick shortly after I was born so I was passed around various family members for four years along with my older brother and sister until she was well enough to come and be our mother again.

When she finally made it home I was a stranger to her, but she desperately wanted to get to know me and so tried to make up for the four years she was gone.  By that time, for me, it was too late.  I was damaged.  Insecure, shy, awkward and a geek was me.  My brothers and sisters were sane and crazy and full of laughter and fun and I just managed to tag along on their star trails as they flew through my universe.  How I wanted to be like them!

Sickly little me – I always seemed to be sick and because I never really knew who I was or that my mother wasn’t too busy to care for me, well, she actually was – when you have four babies (twins) inside of three years, she was crazy busy (she and dad wasted no time after she got home) so I never wanted to bother her when I got ill.  I devised ways to feel better which I guess set the stage for what I do now, all these years later, healing is my tradition and I teach it to others.

I don’t know what I’d have become if my mother wasn’t out of my life in my first four years of being on this earth.  I probably wouldn’t recognize myself!  My family was closely bonded and my dad worked three jobs to feed and clothe all of us.  I know he was tired but we never lacked for love in our home.  Mom was always sick so dad worked to pay hospital and doctor bills.  Still, she managed all seven of us and as my aunt would say, “you could eat off her floors!”

My older brother was a genius.  He taught himself to be an electrical engineer by reading books and always held a steady job in his field.  My sister Ann was gorgeous and so was married when she was 17.  The twins were crazy clean freaks and still are.  One never married and the other married a control freak and stayed with him til he died. Then she celebrated instead of mourned.

My two youngest brothers were real characters. When they were very young you never saw them standing up.  They were always on the ground beating the crap out of each other.  There was never a time that they were together that they weren’t wrestling or just plain beating the crap out of each other. We just ignored it cuz we couldn’t stop it.  My youngest brother Chris used to wear a white plastic mixing bowl on his head when he was about two years old because he wanted to be a soldier.  He carried around a wooden rifle (to this day we call him rifleman) and he’d shoot at all of us.

One day when all us kids were together, Chris walked into the room and asked, “Hey, where’s Hey?”  We just all looked at him like it was the first time we’d ever seen him. I guess none of us had ever paid enough attention to the fact that he called my other brother Joe, “Hey.”  Now Joe was the second youngest, the one that Chris always fought with and he was a character and is still to this day.  So my oldest brother Ralph, the instigator, asked Chris while pointing to Joe in the corner – Chris had missed him and came looking for him – and Ralph said to Chris, “Who is that?”  And Chris looked at Ralph like he was joking and trying to pull something over on him, and said, “That’s HEY!”  We couldn’t believe it.

Some background on this.  Joe was always in trouble so every time he would be doing something he shouldn’t, all of us would yell at him and it was always the same.  We never used his name “Joe” because it was easier to use another three letter word –  “Hey”.  Whenever any of us yelled at Joe we called him Hey.  Hey! Get out of there!!!  Hey! Stop that!!!  Hey! Beat it!!!  Hey! Put that down!!!!

So naturally Chris thought Joe’s name was Hey.  When Ralph asked Chris what that kid in the corner’s name was, Chris looked at him as though he were kidding and said, “That’s Hey!  When Ralph (and we were all incredulously cracking up) explained that Joe’s name was actually Joe we will never forget the look on Chris’ face to learn that Hey was Joe.  He even denied it and went to ask mom.

If you don’t find this funny then I guess you’d had to have been there.

The twins were just plain nuts. When they were very young they both sucked their thumbs and sat on the couch very early in the morning and bounced – actually rocked would be a better word – back and forth in a very synchronized move that had to be admired in its simplicity.  Then they’d begin to argue and as they argued they got loud. They got so loud that Ralph gave them the name the Claxon Twins after the fog horns on ships.

Chris played a few instruments like the trumpet and the guitar.  When he’d play the trumpet he’d always play it at 11:00 at night when we all went to try to sleep.  No one could sleep until Chris was finished playing his trumpet.  It got old.  Ann got upset one night because she was tired so she grabbed a lemon and went upstairs and sucked on the lemon until Chris stopped playing.  He couldn’t blow while watching Ann suck on a lemon.  That does actually work!!

One morning we played “Taps” to wake up the boys.  It was very early in the morning and they had kept everyone up really late with their carryings on.  So we got even with them by playing “Taps” very very loud at around 6 a.m.  That showed ’em!

These are just a few stories from when we were growing up in a large family. When I can think of more I’ll share them.  Thanks for listening (reading). Hope it wasn’t too long.

If Your Child Is Weird

I’ve recently watched Ed Sheeran’s biography video. If you haven’t seen it then go to Youtube and watch it. It’s one you don’t want to miss. Anyway, he said he was a weird kid and I understand what he meant because I was also a weird one.

I’ve written a little about my beginnings in my book, Warrior Spirit Path of Medicine (Balboa Press) so I don’t want to duplicate all of that except to say I was passed around a lot when I was a baby because my mother was sick for four years after my birth. I never did have the bonding experience most children have and that led me to be awkward and ok, “weird” was me. I was a loner and took to nature where I didn’t feel so out of place. I was also a very sickly child and because my mother, when she finally did make it home, was so busy with my six siblings, I never wanted to draw her attention away from all she had to do so I tended my own illnesses.

Did I mention I have always been on a path of healing? It began when I was about 8 years old. I used to have anxiety attacks and the way I got out of them was to breathe and take myself into visualizations. Now in my healing work I take people into breathing therapy and visualizations. Go figure.

But Ed Sheeran also speaks about the years he had a stutter and how writing music and singing helped him.

When I was in my teens I also developed a stutter. I couldn’t finish a sentence without feeling exasperation and frustration. I began to fervently pray about it and one night, in my early twenties, I fell asleep and this is what I dreamt: I was climbing up a steep precipice, grabbing at small bushes and trees to help me around all the obstacles. As I climbed, I heard people and began shouting for help. As I got nearer the top a group of people heard me and looked over the edge to see me climbing and helped me up to the top. They were very friendly and kind and told me they wanted me to meet someone. They took me to a tall, thin man with long flowing white hair and beard down to the ground. He was dressed in blue robes. He looked at me and smiled and said they had been waiting for me and I was to stay with them for 6 months and “play ball.” With that the others took me out into a big grassy field and we literally began to play ball!

I kept a record of that dream from the time I dreamt it to the time six months had passed. At the end of 6 months I no longer stuttered. I woke up one morning six months after the playing ball dream and was able to speak without stuttering.

I’ve had prophetic dreams for as far back as I can remember. I would see things happen in dream sometimes years before they would happen in my life. I’ve always had visions and they would always be around 3 a.m. If I lost something I would ask for a dream to show me where it was or when I would get it back. Some things were found but some things were just meant to be lost and never found.

Yes, some children are strange or weird. I was one of them. But my weirdness manifested in ways that led me to the path I was meant to be on. So I guess Ed and I are trying to tell parents with weird children that it’s ok for your child to be weird. They’re meant to do something else in this life or with their lives. Don’t worry too much about them. Kids are resourceful. They’ll find their own way sooner or later. The obstacles they face are there to make life interesting and challenging. Maybe not to you, but to them. Help as much as you are asked to help. Otherwise try not to worry too much.