A Life Aware or Does your baby know what’s going on in utero?

A friend and I were talking recently about babies and pregnancy and I remembered an incident while in my mid-twenties. A group of us – nine in all – were pregnant at the same time. A few of us worked together.

One friend was about 7 months pregnant and at that time we didn’t know if the baby would be a boy or a girl and all she could talk about was that she was having a girl.

R couldn’t wait for her little girl to be born and she was excited for the birth of her child.

I had only just found out about myself being pregnant. It was a time of excitement and wonder and changes in our lives. If you wonder about babies in utero – while they are in the womb – and if they have intelligence and knowledge of their world around them then this should tell you something about their awareness.  

I was walking toward the break room at my office where R was already waiting for me. She and about 8 others were in there talking, mostly about her daughter and her plans for raising a little girl.

As I opened the door a strange thing happened. Her baby jumped and acknowledged me with a “hello” that felt as though he had physically reached out and touched me and I could see that R jumped from the movement inside her belly. His message touched me on a psychic level.  A movement in space-time sent from his awareness to mine.  No one had said anything to me to let him know I had entered that room. He reached out and instinctively felt my presence. I was momentarily taken aback but kept on walking and joined my co-workers. He was definitely a boy and he was as aware of what was happening in that room as if he were sitting in a chair right there! Well, in a way he was – when you think about it.  The baby was absolutely aware of life around him as he floated inside his little world.

I was totally stunned that he had acknowledged me as I entered and I said, “R, your little boy just said hello to me.” She knew something had occurred just then because she had felt the movement but she wasn’t aware of the message that I had just gotten. She just sat there with a look that said it all. She was flabbergasted. From that point on she planned for a boy and he was born in December of that year.

He was an extraordinary boy for sure and he sampled life in every form, much to R’s dismay. From Goth to bright green neon hair for his senior pictures to devil worship – he did it. I always remember R talking about how the parents were to blame for children being out of control. Her son made her change her mind about that way of thinking. She was the straightest mom in the world and her son was exactly opposite.

I lost track of the boy and his mother as life has a way of evolving and moving on. I often wonder what happened to him. He let me know that babies in the womb are aware of their world, inner and outer.

Be careful how you treat yourself while you’re pregnant and know the joys of carrying an aware little being with you everywhere. Talk to your baby while you can, every moment, and let them know early on that they are beautiful and worthy and intelligent. They are listening.


I’m not into body art.  I think the body is beautiful just as it is.  Apprenticing with a Cherokee medicine woman for many years one learns a thing or two about life and consequences of actions and thoughts.  For every action there is a re-action stands out in the case of tattoos.

Speaking to people about this gains insight into the teachings brought to my door as an apprentice.  Feedback is valuable and in the case of tattoos you may want to make a few notes.  While you may be attracted to this form of art, realize there are consequences.

We were taught as apprentices that every cell of the body is an intelligence.  I’ve witnessed this intelligence first-hand but that’s another article.  Every cell communicates and has intelligence.  So what happens when you apply permanent ink to your skin, which has the intelligence of millions of cells?

Before you get inked, consider carefully what you want to have reflected out from your body into the Universe.  For what you ink on your skin reflects and draws to you that which you put on it.  Don’t get a tattoo if you’re drunk.  Drinking alcohol and doing drugs opens you up to the lower world entities as it is and that’s dangerous enough without adding a tattoo without giving it some forethought.

Only put on your body what you wish to attract.  Stay away from confusion or confusing art forms.  Things like monsters and skulls may draw monsters and death.  Death is multi-faceted.  There are many ways to die.

One person with higher intelligence had a phoenix tattoo and said her life changed so much for the better after she had it done.  Fairies (the good kind) and butterflies are creatures of protection and change.  Celtic or other ethnic symbols of protection, abundance and love are advantageous.  Anything that reflects happiness, abundance, goodwill, joy and positive experiences are things to consider.

Of course, there are always people who challenge life and want adventure.  Good luck with that!  Tattoos are yourself reflecting back at you and drawing to you that which you put out into the world through the intelligence of your skin – the way you are seen by the world.  And the way the world sees you.  It is more than you think.  Tread this medium lightly. Think about the symbol(s) you put on your skin.

If you could see yourself through the eyes of the spirit you would see a gloriously shining aura around you.  Every cell lighting up into beams of light that radiate out many feet around us.  We are light-beings and it is an awesome sight!  That light represents the cells communicating.  The worlds that the cells communicate with.  The intelligence of ourselves.  We haven’t begun to fathom who we are because we don’t allow ourselves to see the totality of us in all our glory and awareness.

Be aware of your cells and their intelligence and avoid wearing something permanent on your skin unless you want it to bring you joy.  Just sayin’.