My 9 year-old grandson had a rough start to life when his daddy died.  He was 2 years-old at the time and when his mom was falling apart he took his two-year-old self across the room and climbed over a few chairs to get to the tissue box, plucked one from it and brought it to her.  He’s been looking after her ever since.

When we were at the farmer’s market he spied some fresh carnations with long stems and asked me for the $2 it would take to buy one.  He wanted it for his mother.

When there’s only one doughnut left in the box and he’s salivating over it he’ll close the box and say he’s keeping it for his mom.  He knows what she likes you see.

When his mom was stung by a bee on her foot he stayed by her the whole time she slept off the poison.  When I came back from the store he asked me where the thermometer was.  I asked him why he needed it and he just said he wanted it but couldn’t find it.  So I rummaged in the medicine cabinet until I found something that would measure temperature and he immediately put it on his mother’s forehead.  He wanted to make sure she didn’t have a fever.  He relaxed when he found that she didn’t.

This is my sweet, tenacious boy that is extremely smart although still learning about life and it’s ups and downs and who is often confused as to his role here.  When I see that he is struggling I’ll offer solace in conversation and attempt to pull him out of his quagmire where he tends to become worried and depressed.  I can usually talk him back to being the shy, contemplative – did I mention tenacious? boy that he is.

He’s a deep thinker often considering your feelings and he responds quickly to requests when asked and sometimes even with no complaints.  He just needs to know what is expected of him as most of us do before we take up the battle so to speak.

I’m proud of this little guy so far.  He is capable of great potential. And great love.


I’m Older But Am I Wiser?

Well here I am in the Early Winter of my life and I still do stupid stuff. I don’t think it ever ends.

Like the other day I’m driving and my grandson’s in the car and my daughter gives me the directions to her work and there’s construction everywhere and I end up getting lost.  No big.  I’ve been lost before.

But I’m on this timeline because she’s got to get him out of my car and into hers and the doctors office where she goes has this thing where if you’re 15 minutes late you have to forfeit your appointment.

And she’s still 20 minutes away.  So now it’s a half hour away from her appointment time and I’m on the phone with her and someone else is giving me directions over the phone.  I’m actually going in the right direction but they tell me to turn around and go in the other direction and I do and then they tell me that – no! I have to go back in the other direction and that’s when I say, “I’M GOING TO KILL SOMEONE!” Because you see I forgot my little guy is in the back seat.

So before we get to his mother I’m able to calm down and have totally forgotten what I said until this little voice in the back seat says, “Gramma, why did you say you’re going to kill someone?”

Well now how do I explain that one without giving him an excuse to say the same thing when he’s all frustrated?!

I should know better.  I’m gramma!  I’m older and I should be a whole lot wiser.