Are Our Prayers Heard and Answered?

This article is actually an embellished version of the one in my book, Warrior Spirit Path of Medicine (Balboa Press).
If you wonder, if you don’t know, if you just don’t get that prayers DO get answered, then this is for you.
Every work day I would drive my young daughter 10 miles to a sitter or rather an older, loving couple, which is what I liked about them.

Pam & Larry were very much in love and had been for many years. Larry adored Pam and that fact was written on his face, in his voice, and in his eyes every time he looked at her. She felt the same for him and did all she could to make him happy. It was just her way and why I loved my daughter being with her. It’s what I wanted to give my baby girl but couldn’t because I had to work. My girl was happy there and that’s all that mattered.
But things change and after awhile I had to take her from there and place her elsewhere. We both had a hard time with that but there was nothing to be done.
A few years later I heard that Larry had passed. I tried to get hold of Pam but she was nowhere to be found. Their home had been sold and she had moved out of state and I didn’t know where.
A while after that, perhaps two years later, Larry came to me in a vision. I was asleep when just his face appeared to me out of a completely black background. He said, and I quote, “Tell Pammy it’s alright if she remarries.” Then he was gone and the force of his leaving brought me straight up off the bed.
I waited for two years to find Pam. I so wanted to give her Larry’s message and knew she needed to hear what he had to say but I couldn’t find her. Then, one evening I was doing an event at a friend’s house and a woman asked me if I was the woman who had the child her mother had watched for a while. I asked her what she was talking about and she said, “I believe my mother watched your child while you were working.” I was so excited and asked her if she was Pam’s daughter and she said she was. Pam had talked of her but we had never met.
I asked if her mom was okay and she said yes and was living in Florida. Then she gave me her phone number. I couldn’t wait to get home and even though it was about 10:00 at night I called Pam. When she picked up it was like we had never been apart for so long. We talked about everything and we both cried, so happy we were to have reconnected.
Then, when all was said, I took a deep breath and told her about Larry and the message he had for her.
She started to cry and said, “You have no idea. Everyday I’ve prayed and asked Larry if it would be okay for me to remarry. I live with a man who has asked me to marry him but I wouldn’t until I knew it was okay with Larry. This man has been so patient with me!”
I said, “well now you have your answer and can marry this man. But I just want to know why it took two years to find you to give you Larry’s message.” And she said something that made me understand that not only are our prayers answered – but the message is either delayed or not given until we are ready for the results. Pam said, “Because two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to hear it.”
Pam did marry the man with Larry’s blessing. End of story.


Quantum Physics

I have always loved research. My research has covered religions of the world and spiritual studies and health as it relates to body, mind, emotions and spirit. We’re not just a physical body. We’re multi-dimensional and every cell that makes up our being is an intelligence in and of itself.

I am an educator. My passion for life and living and loving has brought me to this place in my life where teaching is such a joy and pleasure that I know I’ll never retire. To my last breath I’ll share what I love and live each moment doing what I’ve always done. Research and educate.

One time I met a teacher of quantum physics and we got to talking. She said that I knew more about quantum than anyone she’d ever met and asked me to come and talk to her students about it. At the time I couldn’t have spoken to a group of students. I’d have had to take them on a quantum experience so, in essence, it wouldn’t have been a talk as much as it would have been an experience of quantum.

Once you experience quantum physics you can’t tell people about it. They have to experience it for themselves. Otherwise you have a bunch of people, who, unless they study quantum, would just look at you all squinty-eyed with perplexed looks on their faces.

Listening to a group of people talking about quantum physics around a campfire one evening, I heard one woman say she wasn’t educated enough to study quantum physics. That you had to have years of study in physics before you could ever go into the quantum field to understand it. I’m sorry. I had to roll my eyes at that one. I asked her if she thought that the shaman of ancient times had to go to school to learn how to quantum leap. She looked at me funny. I said that anyone can learn how to move about in the quantum fields. They were there for anyone with a desire to go into them to access. How did she think the old medicine people and shaman people moved in them?

And have you forgotten where “quantum” came from? It wasn’t the professors and the researchers who first discovered it. It was the ancient people who walked this earth and leaped into the void from caves and dwellings made of thatch. These were the ones who traversed the universes and the galaxies and brought back what they saw. Without ever leaving our Earth they traveled and saw all there was to see. Even into the body. Every single body holds all the Universes and all the Galaxies within it. Remember the cells intelligence? One cell. One cell holds all the intelligence of all that exists. And it feels and it moves and it thinks and it is pure intelligence and each one cell connects to all the stars in our Galaxy like the webbing of a spider. Spider-mother weaved the worlds.

I’ve been blessed to see the human aura. Its brilliance can be likened to that of the brilliance of the Gods. Think Mount Olympus. We are that light. That brilliant. Yet we believe, can be convinced, that we are not ENOUGH. Enough what? Our mind is like a child that prattles on and it takes discipline to teach it to become still. Grandmother called it the “mind-child.” We came in – were born – with our own pattern. Everyone came in with a pattern woven into the DNA of their cells. Some take years to leave their pattern – their message – while some come in for a moment, leave their message and then fly free of this body once again. Grandmother said the little ones that are stillborn or who only live moments after they take their first breath are these messengers. They open like a flower, leave their scent, their message, and then they close up and die. Thank them for their message. Let them know someone got it.

The Heart is the Great Transmuter of energy. LOVE is the message of the heart. But that’s another story.

This Earth-Mother gives us everything we need to exist. Everything we need and more to survive. And look at how she has been repaid. Look at how we treat each other. We had a messenger that showed us how to live in cohesion with one another. Yet the message to this day goes unheeded.

It doesn’t take long to traverse the galaxies when one knows how to quantum leap into them. Light years don’t mean a thing. There is always talk about wanting to travel into space to visit other planets but people don’t yet get the concept of getting along on this one. I don’t mean just with each other. I mean respect for all of the life here on this planet. Each insect from the tiniest to the biggest is an intelligence unto itself. Do we treat it as such? Each flower, blade of grass, leaf on a tree is another kind of intelligence. Grandmother said that even the fruit screams when it is picked from it’s source. I have seen the plant people. They came and gathered around me as I sat and chanted a code that brought them to me. Each plant has a vibration that heals in some manner. This is called “plant spirit medicines.” The Comfrey and the Hawthorne berry plants have spoken to me.

Everything is intelligence. I’ve been invited into the rock kingdom in a dream. The rocks have an almost unfathomable order to them. And of course the four-leggeds and the winged ones speak all the time.

This is our world. This is our Earth Mother. She is her own intelligence as are the winds. But that’s another story.